Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cars are not Christmas gifts

They appear every year around this time. Holiday commercials. We are bombarded with jewelry commercials, electronic commercials, and car commercials. All with the same intent. Spend more money. The holiday car commercials baffle me the most.

I love the bit at the very end...'Thank you, Santa'. Um....Santa? Santa isn't going to be making the payments on that shiny new Mercedes-Benz for the next several years. I can aaalllmmooosstt let jewelry and MacBooks slide. But a car? It just seems really shallow to me. A purchase made for the status symbol rather than any heart-felt sentiment.

But, I'm not here to tell anyone what to do. If you want to buy a car for Christmas, or a new ring, or laptop or whatever...than do it. Just make sure its for the right reasons and not out of society pressure. Do not fall victim to the never-ending barrage of a not so subtle message...'spending more will make you happier' or 'if you aren't spending more you aren't doing Christmas right'.

Christmas is NOT about the dollar bills, y'all.


  1. This!!!!!

    And the fact that Honda ran those incessant Michael Bolton commercials a few years back.

  2. you are right but sometimes they are funny :)